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Site access issue

Web pages are displayed with strange layout or font size

There may be some browser compatibility problems or some resources are not loaded. Please try following instructions to fix the problem.

  1. Press Ctrl+F5 to reload the page.
  2. If you're using Internet Explorer, set your security setting to default level at Internet Options and re-open your browser.

Message says I cannot use JavaScript.

%%service_name%% uses JavaScript. If your browser disables to use JavaScript, we're sorry but you cannot use our service. Please refer to How to enable JavaScript in your browser to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Registered but cannot login

Thank you for your sign-up. When you register your account with your email address, we'll send you an email to confirm your email address. Please check your email inbox for a message with subject "Welcome to WiseTranslate" or "Please confirm your email". Click a confirmation link included in the message will activate your account. If you did not receive this email message, please send a request to our support team.