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Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)

  1. WISE S.T. Global Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company") provides services that enable users (hereinafter referred to as "User(s)") to perform automatic translation or request human translation through WiseTranslate online translation service(hereinafter referred to as "Service(s)")
  2. This Terms of Use aim to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company and users as well as other required matters with regard to the use of services.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The terms used in this Terms of Use shall be defined as follows:

  1. "Service" means all online services provided by the Company that may be accessed using a PC or mobile devices.
  2. "User" means the "Service" user(s) who has agreed to this Terms Of Use and completed membership registration to the service.
  3. "Account" means the login account based on the email address and "password" registered at the time of membership registration.
  4. "Password" means a combination of characters, numbers and special symbols set by a user for the purpose of identifying himself / herself at login and protecting the confidentiality of his/her own account.
  5. "Request" or "Order" means the act of uploading various document files to the "Service" for translation and making payment of the related fees by users.

  6. "Point" or “Credit Point” means a virtual payment method purchased at the "Service" through an event or payment, which can be used as the payment method for a service requested by the user according to the criteria set by the "Company".

  7. "Machine Translation” or “MT” means the act of users, which translates automatically the language of original text into the language of target text by means of computer programs.
  8. "Machine Translation for Document" or "MT Doc" does not mean automatic translation based on texts, but means the process of translating automatically an entire document file and providing the translated file in the form of original document.
  9. "Human translation" or "HT" means the process of translating documents requested by users by human translators;
  10. "Beta release" means a service that is provided with its partial features limited, before the "Service" is officially released.
  11. Terms not defined in this Terms of Use shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and general practices.

Article 3 (Specification, Explanation and Revision of the Terms and Conditions)

  1. The Company shall post the contents of this Terms of Use in the designated space within the "Service" so that users can easily figure them out.
  2. The Company may revise this Terms of Use unless it violates related laws and regulations.
  3. If the Company revises this Terms of Use, it shall specify the revised terms and conditions, the effective date of such revision and the reasons for revision and notify them in a designated space within the “Service” from fifteen (15) days before the effective date of the revision to the day before the effective date of the revision along with the current terms and conditions. However, if the contents of such revision are disadvantageous to users, a grace period of at least thirty (30) days shall be granted for the purpose of notification.
  4. If users fail to explicitly express their intention to reject the revised terms and conditions until seven (7) days after the effective date of the revised terms and conditions even though the Company notified separately to users in accordance with the preceding Paragraph specifying that the Company will consider that the users approve the revised terms and conditions unless they explicitly express their intention to reject the revision until seven (7) days after the effective date of the revised terms and conditions, the users shall be deemed to have agreed to such revision.
  5. If a user does not agree with the revised terms and conditions, the user may terminate the use contract, and if the existing terms and conditions cannot be applied for circumstantial reasons, the Company may also terminate such use contract.

Article 4 (Provision, Change or Cease of Service)

  1. The Company shall provide users with following services.
    • Machine Translation for Document (MT Doc) service;
    • Human translation(HT) service;
    • PDF text extraction and translation insertion technology, PDF Direct, service;
    • Provision of translated contents service;
    • Other services that are developed by the Company or provided to users through partnership with other companies.
  2. Services are available after a user subscribes for membership, email authentication is completed, and membership admission is completed according to the membership conditions set by the Company.
  3. The Company may temporarily cease providing services for grounds such as regular checks on service facilities, replacement, mechanical troubles and loss of communication, etc.
  4. The Company may conduct regular checks if it is deemed necessary for service provision, and regular checks shall be announced through the service provision screen.
  5. The Company may intervene to conduct activities on behalf of users in the event that the use of services by users was not conducted in accordance with normal procedures or when it is necessary to meet the services required by users. In this case, the authority to judge such situation or necessity mentioned above belongs entirely to the Company.
  6. When a probable cause exists, the Company may change or terminate all or part of the services it provides for operational and technological reasons.
  7. In the event that the services are changed or terminated pursuant to Paragraph 6, the Company shall notify changes or the termination of services to email addresses registered by users. However, if the changes or termination of services affects all or unspecified number of users, the Company may notify them to users by publishing news in the “Service” or by posting on the bulletin board.
  8. The Company may revise, cease, change or terminate all or part of free-of-charge services due to corporate policy or for operational reasons and shall not pay any compensation to users unless otherwise specified in related laws.
  9. If any paid service is terminated, it shall be notified to the users of such service and a refunding shall be made.
  10. The users’ right to use services shall not be transferred, donated or a pledge shall not be established thereon.

Article 5 (Membership Admission)

  1. A user shall subscribe for membership by filling up the member information in accordance with the subscription form set by the Company and expressing his / her intention to agree to this Terms of Use. In such case, the applicant shall be deemed to have agreed to the following:
    • “Applicant for Admission” shall be an individual aged 14 or older;
    • He/she shall agree to this Terms of Use;
    • He/she shall acknowledge and agree that punitive measures may be taken in the event of a breach of this Terms of Use.
  2. The Company shall register any applicant not falling under any of the following Subparagraphs as a member, among the users who have subscribed for membership:
    • Where he/she has been disqualified as a member;
    • Where a user, who withdrew from the service in accordance with this Terms of Use, subsequently has filed an application for admission again through the same email address;
    • Where there is false information, missing information, or incorrect information in an application for admission;
    • Where it is impossible to approve admission due to faults on the part of an applicant for admission or an application for admission was filed in violation of regulations; or
    • Where the Company deems that the admission of an applicant may be clearly harmful to other users by the relevant laws and regulations, or may be against the social order and morals.
  3. If there are no sufficient service-related facilities or if there are technical or operational problems in providing services or if it is deemed necessary by the Company for financial and technological reasons, the Company may reserve approval on admission.
  4. If admission is reserved in accordance with Subparagraph 3 above, the Company shall notify the applicant of the fact of reservation to the email address entered by the applicant for admission. However, if the applicant for admission has intentionally or negligently entered faulty or wrong email address or if email address has not been completely entered due to technical problems, the Company shall not be obliged to make further notification.
  5. The Company may assign a rating to each user in accordance with corporate policy and may differentiate users in the use of services according to the rating.

Article 6 (Modification of User Information)

  1. A user may check out his / her own user information at any time through the profile menu, and may revise such information by entering new information on the page or by requesting the Company to do so.
  2. Email address among user information is used as the login ID to the services. Therefore, if the email address is changed, it shall be notified and registered with the Company without delay.
  3. The Company shall not be held liable for damages caused to users due to a failure in modification of user information.

Article 7 (Protection of Personal Information)

  1. The Company shall collect a minimum amount of personal information to the extent necessary to provide services.
  2. The Company shall not collect in advance the information necessary to fulfill the purchase contract at the time of membership admission. Provided, however, that this shall not apply to the collection of the minimum specific personal information required to confirm identification prior to entering into a purchase contract in order to fulfill the obligations under the relevant laws and regulations.
  3. Related laws and regulations and the Privacy Policy of the Company shall apply to the protection and use of personal information collected pursuant to Paragraph 1.

Article 8 (Responsibility for Management of Login Information)

  1. Users shall be responsible for managing their own login information such as "Account", "Password", etc., and if a third party uses such login information due to the users’ intention or negligence, users shall take full responsibility for it.
  2. Users shall promptly notify the Company and take necessary action in accordance with the guidance of the Company when it is recognized that the login information such as "Account", "Password", etc. was stolen or used by a third party.
  3. In the case of Paragraph 2, the Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantage suffered by users if users failed to notify the fact to the Company or failed to follow the guidance of the Company.

Article 9 (Notification to Users)

  1. The Company may notify users in connection with the use of services to the email addresses of users registered in the Service, unless otherwise provided in this Terms of Use.
  2. In the case of Paragraph 1 above, if users failed to go through the authorization of their email addresses or if they failed to receive notifications intentionally or negligently entering faulty email addresses, the Company shall not take responsibility for it.
  3. As for notification to all users, the Company may replace the notification in Paragraph 1 by publishing news within the Service or by posting it on the bulletin board for more than seven (7) days or longer.

Article 10 (Restriction and Suspension of the Use of Service)

  1. In the event of any of the following, the Company may take such measures as warning to pertinent users, restricting or suspending use of services, or permanently withdrawing pertinent users from the Service, and if the Company sustains damages, it may claim compensation.
    • If users intentionally or negligently interrupt the normal operation of services;
    • If serious irregularities such as identity stealing, illegal communication, hacking, distribution of malicious programs took place;
    • If it is deemed inappropriate for the Company to continue providing services for material grounds.
  2. The Company shall have the full authority to make judgment on violations specified in the Paragraph 1 above, and if the use of services is suspended due to the violation, all benefits provided free of charge by the Company shall cease to exist and the Company shall not compensate for it.
  3. If users do not log in for six (6) months or longer, the Company may restrict use of services for the purpose of protecting user information and improving operational efficiency. In such case, users can reuse the service by applying for resumption of use of the service to the Company.
  4. If the Company decided to take punitive measures against users in accordance with Paragraph 1 above, the Company may take immediate actions and notify it to registered email addresses. Users have an opportunity to present materials for explanation within thirty (30) days from the date of notification from the Company.
  5. During the "Beta Release" period, the use of some services may be restricted as follows:
    • Purchase of credit points, payment for human translation, online payment may not be available;
    • Contents for customer support may not be sufficient;
    • Some languages may not be supported for human translation;
    • Delays may occur for human translation;
    • Some services may not work as intended.

Article 11 (Obligations of the Company)

  1. The Company shall not conduct activities that are prohibited by laws and regulations or this Terms of Use or that are contrary to public order and morals, and does its best to provide services on a continual and stable basis in accordance with this Terms of Use.
  2. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the Company shall not disclose or distribute to a third party personal information acquired in the course of providing services without approval from the parties concerned ,and make every effort to protect them.
  3. The Company shall make effort to protect personal information (including credit information) so that users can use the Internet service safely, and shall publicize and observe the Privacy Policy.
  4. If the Company deems opinions or complaints lodged by users with regard to the use of services to be reasonable, it shall resolve them without delay. As for the opinions or complaints lodged by users, the process and result of resolutions shall be notified to users.

Article 12 (Obligations of Users)

Users shall be prohibited from engaging in the following acts:

  1. To register false information when applying or changing membership;
  2. To use others’ information without permission;
  3. To alter any information posted on the Service without authority;
  4. To revise, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble software that drives services;
  5. To violate rights of the Company or a third party by posting false information on the Company or a third party or infringe upon intellectual property rights;
  6. To infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights, etc. of the Company or any third party;
  7. To impair the honor of the Company or any other third party or to obstruct business activities;
  8. Unauthorized use of services by stealing other users' login information;
  9. To use paid services of the Company without permission by using other person's payment information such as bank account numbers and credit card numbers;
  10. To post or use following information on the "Service":
    • Obscene or violent messages, video, sound or other information that is contrary to public order and morals;
    • Illegally obtained information;
    • Media products harmful to juveniles;
    • Information whose transmission or posting is prohibited in accordance with related laws and regulations;
    • Information, sentences, figures and sounds running counter to public order or morality.
  11. To post or send by emails data containing software viruses, other computer codes, files, or programs aimed to disrupt or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware and telecommunication equipment;
  12. To stop other users from using services by stalking, swearing or wallpapering;
  13. To use the intellectual properties of the Company, such as service content or Terms of Use of the Company, etc., without permission;
  14. To violate the relevant laws and regulations, the terms of use set forth in the services provided by the Company, and other regulations related to the use of services; or
  15. Any other activities that obstruct use of services by other users or may be harmful to the Company or services.

Article 13 (Reversion of Copyrights, etc.)

  1. Copyrights of the original texts subject to translation as posted by users through the "Service" shall revert to the copyright holders of the original texts.
  2. Copyrights of the translations are determined by the relevant provisions of the copyright laws and the contract of the parties concerned.
  3. Users reserve the right to use translations for texts that are legally acquired and authorized to be used.
  4. As for translation pairs of individual sentence unit, composed of the original text and the translated text created in the process of providing services, the Company shall have the power to use such translation pairs for the purpose of advertisements, promotions, database sales and establishment of databases to provide translation to a third party, etc.
  5. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights on services shall revert to the Company.

Article 14 (Paid Service Payment and Refund)

  1. Human translation service is a fee-based service, and the pertinent translation fee must be paid when requesting such translation.
  2. Translation fee is determined by the quantity of translatable texts in the document requested for translation and can be confirmed online through a real time quotation when requesting each human translation.
  3. Estimated time of completing translation can be confirmed in advance in the quotation process of Paragraph 2 above. After completing payment of translation fee, it can be confirmed through "My Orders" page and email.
  4. Estimated time of completion shall be calculated on a basis of approximately 2,000 source words per day, excluding holidays.
  5. If orders cannot be delivered by the estimated due dates according to the judgement of the Company, Company may cancel the order and refund the service fees.
  6. Completed translations can be downloaded from the "My Orders" page and permanently stored by pertinent users.
  7. Service fees shall not be refunded except where falling under any of the following Subparagraphs:
    • If translation has not been completed by due date without prior notice of delay;
    • If users do not receive responses from the Company within seven (7) days after requesting correction of translations.

Article 15 (Use of Points)

  1. The Company may grant free-of-charge points to users for events and promotions.
  2. Users may use points in accordance with the point usage rules prescribed by the Company. The point usage rules shall be posted in the Service for guidance.
  3. Users shall use points in their own accounts alone and shall not sell or transfer them to others.
  4. Points granted free-of-charge may be annulled on a regular basis according to the period set by the Company.
  5. In any of the following cases, the Company shall refund the pertinent amount of money corresponding to points.
    • If users made an overpayment;
    • If the service is not available due to a fault on the part of the Company including disabled service.
  6. In the event that refunds are made due to faults on the part of users or users request refunds by remorse, the users shall bear the fees incurred.
  7. In cases where users cancel the contract or withdraw from services, they shall request in advance the Company to refund the remaining points, and if they cancel the contract or withdraw from services without requesting refund, the Company shall not be obliged to refund the remaining points.
  8. The Company shall, in principle, make a refund using the payment method used by a user. However, if this is not possible, the refund shall be made by a separate method set by the Company.
  9. Unused points, at the time of one (1) year after the last payment date, shall expire automatically. The number of days currently remaining to expiration date is displayed on the Profile page.
  10. The Company shall complete refunding process within seven (7) business days in principle. The number of days delayed by a third party such as a payment agency or a credit card company and the number of days delayed due to faults on the part of a user are not included in the calculation of the processing period.

Article 16 (Cancellation of Use Contract)

  1. A user may at any time request the Company to terminate the use contract. The Company shall, in principle, handle such request immediately.
  2. If users violate Article 12, the Company may unilaterally terminate the contract, and if the violation causes damages to the operation of services, the Company may ask the users to take civil or criminal responsibility for it.
  3. If users cancel the use contract, they shall be deemed to have waived their rights to access to existing translation data and points.
  4. When a user terminates the use contract, the Company encrypts and stores the user's email information, which shall not be used except for the purpose of preventing re-admission. All data of such user except the encrypted email information is ceased to exist.

Article 17 (Exemption from Responsibility)

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users in the event that services are not available due to any of the following reasons:
    • Where force majeure including natural disasters takes place;
    • Where disabled service occurs due to faults on the part of users;
    • Where services are not available without intention or negligence of the Company.
  2. The Company does not guarantee neither the quality or reliability of machine translations, nor the credibility or accuracy etc. of information, materials and facts posted by users with regard to services. Further, it shall not be liable for any damages caused to users.
  3. Users shall verify the translation result delivered by services, and the Company shall not be liable for the damage caused to users by the error or bad quality of the translation.

Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. Any legal proceedings instituted between the Company and users shall be resolved by the Seoul Central District Court.
  2. Any legal proceedings instituted between the Company and users shall be governed by laws enacted in the Republic of Korea.