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MT Doc and PDF Direct services use credit point system.

MT Doc (Machine Translation for Document)

  • 5 points are deducted per 500-character chunk. 5-point is a minimum charge.
  • 1 page has on average 500 characters. So, it will cost approx $0.45 per page.

When you sign up, 200 points are provided for free (valid for 31 days). With your sign-up free points, you can translate as many as 20,000 characters (approx 40 pages).

PDF Direct

  • PDF Direct requires special processing but this will be provided without charge.
  • If PDF requires OCR like scanned PDF, 10 points per page are charged for OCR processing.
  • For more information, please refer to What is PDF Direct

Human Translation (HT)

  • Price quotation will be available instantly. You can download, email or print the quote.
  • After reviewing the quote, you can place human translation order.