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Human Translation (HT)

Human translation quality level

You can choose or switch to Human Translation (HT) when quality of machine translation is not sufficient. There're two quality levels of human translation you can choose for your needs.

  1. Human Basic quality (MT + Post editing)
  2. Human Premium quality

For more information about HT quality options, please refer to Quality level.

Qualified translators and quality assurance

WiseTranslate provides highest human translation quality using qualified translators as well as industry standard quality assurance system. WiseTranslate is not a platform just connecting translators and users. WiseTranslate takes care of each order with responsibilities on finding right translators, performing QA and delivering quality results on time.

  • WiseTranslate is operated by veteran LSP, Wise ST Global Inc.
  • Qualified translators with many years of experiences in the industry
  • Users do not have to worry about selecting right translators
  • All translation results are QAed before delivery
  • If not source error or preferential changes, WiseTranslate fixes errors upon request until you're satisfied.

Layout editing, DTP

Human translation also delivers translated documents keeping original format, just like MT Doc. However, layout formats may need some editing due to different fonts or length of translated texts. Such task is called DTP. Translation service itself does not cover DTP service.