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Translation Type

You can choose how you want your document to be translated. If you choose MT(Machine Translation), you will receive translated document with its original format in a matter of seconds. If you're not satisfied with MT quality, you can choose professional human translation.

Select Languages

Choose document's source language and target language that you want to transate to. For MT, you can choose any combination of languages. Human translations are limited to currently available languages per source language.

Select Files

Choose your files by browsing your folders or simply by drag-n-drop files into the box. System will scan your files and present you a Analyze button if everything is ok. Clicking the button will automatically start analyzing the files to find volume of translatable texts.

Machine Translation

Use machine translation where the quantity of content, speed of content creation and budget make it impossible to use human translation. Machine translation is powered by Google's Neural Machine Translation.

Human Translation

We recommend Human Professional translations for more formal uses like published news or magazine articles, instruction manuals, product information, or online advertising where accurate translation is important.

Select Quality Level

Basic quality provides lower cost human translation suited for general content not requiring professional knowledge on the subject matter.

Premium quality is recommended for content requiring knowledge on the specific area you choose.